11 Sweet, Spicy, Shiny Ways to Glaze That Holiday Ham

Glazing the ham’s outside before and during the cooking process adds flavor and moisture to the crust. The glaze you use to cover your ham will caramelize and create a sticky sweetness that complements the juicy meat within. In our ham glazes, we use sugar, spices, and liquids such as chicken stock, cider, cola, Madeira, or red wine. Brown sugar, bourbon, and honey are all great ingredients. These ham glaze recipes will help you create a centerpiece that is worthy of any holiday or special event.

Saba-and-Dijon-Glazed Ham

In this glaze, Chef Sarah Grueneberg substitutes sugar with saba. This is a sweet, slightly acidic grape must syrup (similar to aged Balsamic) made by cooking down the must.

Madeira-Glazed Ham

This holiday ham is glazed with a honey and Madeira spice mixture and served over a bed of greens and citrus.

Guinness-Glazed Ham

In the oven, a simple glaze made of dark stout with brown sugar takes on a caramel-like maltiness. Irish ham has a thinner layer of fat and is less salty than American. It absorbs flavors from the glaze.

Apple Cider Glazed Ham

Spiral-cut ham is transformed by brown sugar, honey, and mustard.

Honey-Bourbon-Glazed Ham

This sweet and sticky glaze is spiced subtly with star anise, coriander, and fennel.

Pomegranate-Jalapeno-Glazed Ham

You can use store-bought or homemade jalapeno-pomegranate jelly to make this sweet and spicy glaze.

Clove-and-Cider-Glazed Ham

Chef Carla Hall prepares a spiral-cut ham with apple cider, brown sugar, and spices.

Dr Pepper Glazed Ham with Prunes

Bruce Aidells, a meat expert, glazes a ham that has been pre-roasted with a mixture consisting of Dr. Pepper and a combination of mustard, brown sugar, cider vinegar, and simmered prunes. He then combines the sauce with pan drippings.

Lemon-and-Pickled-Pepper-Glazed Ham

Grace Parisi, former F&W editor, combines pickled peppers with bourbon, lemon juice, and mustard to create a coarse puree.

Smoky Glazed Ham With Red Pepper Jelly

Chef Jonathon Sawyer simmers onion, ginger carrot, and chiles with vinegar, coriander, and fennel seed in cola and dry red wine.

DIY Honey-Baked Ham

Anna Painter’s ham has a glaze of honey, brown sugar, cayenne, honey mustard, and black pepper.

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