4 Ways to Soften Brown Sugar

Both light and dark brown sugar are essential for the kitchen, particularly when baking. Brown sugar is white sugar with molasses. Darker brown sugars have more molasses and, therefore, a stronger flavor. Brown sugar adds rich caramel and toffee notes to sweets. It also balances the tastes of sauces such as barbecue or chutney. Brown sugar is a great addition to baking. It adds moisture to the cake and gives a chewy texture to the cookies. Brown sugar can be used to create a sweet glaze to contrast with fish or to add depth and flavor to brines for turkey.

You reach for the canister, only to find a brick of brown or black sugar or even a collection of small rocks. You can salvage that sugar. Brown sugar can be softened in a variety of ways.

Soak a terra cotta tile.

To keep them soft, soak the tiles in water for about 30 minutes. Then, dry off and store in an airtight container along with brown sugar. You should not have any problems if you clean them and re-soak them every few weeks. It will take at least a few days for the terracotta to soften your sugar if it has already hardened.

It can be stuffed with apple slices, bread, or marshmallows

In about 8-16 hours, a piece of bread, a few large marshmallows, or some apple slices can be placed in a canister of brown sugar. Even if there are still clumps, the sugar should be soft enough for you to easily break them apart with a spoon or pass through a sieve.

Cover it with a wet cloth or towel.

Do not let the towel touch the sugar’s surface. Instead, wet a clean kitchen towel or tea towel with water and wring it out. Then, drape the cloth over the bowl. Let it sit at room temperature overnight, and the sugar will be softened in the morning.

Zap It in the Microwave

You can soften the brown sugar in your microwave, but it is a little riskier. Then, wet some paper towels, wring them, and drape the dampened ones over the microwave-safe bowl. The sugar should be microwaved in 30-second intervals. Break up any clumps between each zap with a fork.

How to keep brown Sugar Soft

It is best to avoid letting it harden. It is best to store it in an airtight container with a plastic bag that has been sealed. This will double protect the sugar from moisture. Store it in the refrigerator to retain moisture. Just remember to remove it from the fridge the night before baking. Terra cotta tiles can be used to keep your container soft. Just remember to soak them again once or twice a month.

Last but not least, be careful how much you purchase. Brown sugars may be pantry staples, but they are not necessarily the ones you should buy in bulk if your baking is not regular. Purchase only what you will use in a month and replenish as necessary.

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