Brand new twist on the Aussie favourite Golden Gaytime

Golden Gaytime has been consistently rated as one of Australia’s top ice-creams, and now it will be available in an entirely new format.

The delicious frozen treat has been reimagined in many ways — from a version with a doughnut flavor to a vegan option.

Pauls, known for its range of custards, has now created a Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard.

The brand describes the collaboration as its “most irresistible and iconically Australian ever.” The custard is thick and creamy and combines toffee with vanilla.

There are also two other custards inspired by Golden Gaytime: Violet Crumble Inspired Choc-Honeycomb and Pauls Chupa Chups inspired Strawberry & Cream Custard.

It is being marketed as “a nostalgic creation that will bring back sweet childhood memories.”

The treats have been around for a while in a smaller size, but because of their popularity, Pauls and Streets decided that they should be available in a 600g tub.

This collection will not be around for only a short time, unlike other flavor drops. This collection is here to remain.

Custards are available for sale at $6.50 each.

Paul Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard is the only special edition available at Coles, Woolworths, and other independent grocery stores.

The other two custards can only be found at Woolworths or independent grocery stores.

For more than 90 years, Pauls has produced dairy products like milk, creams, custards, yogurts, and flavored drinks.

Golden Gaytime ice cream was marked up in April. A four-pack of the popular toffee and vanilla-flavored ice cream sticks costs $10 at most supermarkets.

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