Now I understand what you are thinking. Food? Drinks? These won’t help me write. Teach me worldbuilding and commas. We do and will continue to. But today, we should explore the effects of food and drink on your writing.

Three main components are necessary for a successful writer: creativity, productivity, and inspiration. Writing will be difficult if you don’t have any of these components. But if you combine them, your writing will be more enjoyable and perhaps even easier.

Writing is made up of three components:

  • productivity
  • creativity
  • inspiration.             


Productivity keeps us going. It is what allows us to put pen to keyboard and paper and to actually write. It is what makes books and blogs possible.

Here are some proven foods and drinks that increase productivity.

1. Coffee

Coffee is my favorite productivity hack. I believe I have classically conditioned my brain to believe that writing and coffee go hand in hand. There are also serious scientific facts that coffee increases productivity.

Science lesson: Caffeine binds to receptors in the brain that normally bind to adenosine. This chemical makes us tired.

Coffee, in layman’s terms, helps to get out of the strange daze we get lost in. It also allows our brains to think clearly in order to get words on the page.

Some studies show just the aroma of coffee can make you feel.

2. Tea

Tea has similar effects to coffee for those who don’t like it. Tea can have the same effects as coffee, but it has a higher level of caffeine.

Tea is more efficient than coffee. You may feel a rush from coffee, but it can also cause a rapid drop in energy once the effects wear off.

Tea can keep you writing all day long. Tea drinkers, enjoy!

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are a superfood. They are a superfood that increases productivity and does other great things.

Science lesson number 2: Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that help maintain oxygen and blood flow to your brain, making it more active.

Writing can be improved if your brain is more active. Engage your brain; eat blueberries.

Blueberries can also be used to stabilize moods. This is something that most writers require from time to time.

4. Water

Although it seems obvious, most people need to remember this. Dehydration is one of the main reasons why we feel tired at the end of the day. It is nearly impossible to be productive when you are tired.

The main components of productivity, clarity, and focus, have been shown to be linked with drinking water. Get glass water if you want to write your books.

One study shows that drinking just one glass of water can make our brains function 14 percent faster.


Without creativity, what would writing look like? Most likely, it’s boring and awful.

There are those times when you have no idea what to write next, and your thoughts are just a little too scattered. . . bad? It happens. Admit it. These are the times to give it a try.

5. Dark Chocolate

You can eat dark chocolate anytime you want, but there is evidence linking chocolate to creativity.

The perfect combination of nutrients and caffeine makes chocolate a great choice to spark your creativity. The caffeine awakens the brain to think, and the nutrients in chocolate dilate blood vessels to encourage you to think outside the box. Dark chocolate is rich in serotonin (the chemicals that make us happy) and endorphins. If you are looking to stimulate your creativity and improve your mood, then dark chocolate is the best choice.

6. Ice cream

Right now, I am sitting in bed and eating ice cream. Let me be honest with you. Ice cream isn’t supported by scientific evidence. However, ice cream has been shown to be beneficial for your brain.

Psychology Today says this about ice cream. “[T]he brain’s responses to sadness were significantly decreased when the fatty solution infused into the stomach.” The fatty solution also made respondents feel fuller and happier. If you feel discouraged or stuck in a creative rut, ice cream may be the answer. 

7. Beer

This is my favorite creative booster for my boss. It has been shown that beer, on multiple occasions and through multiple research, can increase creativity by a substantial amount.

The alcohol in beer causes your brain to lose focus, which is usually a bad thing. The beer’s effects will make you more focused on your idea and less concerned about the world.

Experiments were conducted by teams to determine if beer drinkers had better ideas. The data shows that they do.

Remember to drink in moderation. You lose the benefits of drinking excessively. * If you are stuck or out of ideas, cheers-ing is a good option.


Your writing’s success depends on your inspiration. Inspiration is essential for writing success. It will help you keep going even when you don’t feel like it and give you new ideas.

8. Your Guilty Pleasure

What is the number one food and drink that inspires you? This is your guilty pleasure.

This is almost always ice cream for me. But depending on the day, it could also be a very greasy cheeseburger from the nearby store.

Inspiration is found in something you believe in and love. You will be more motivated to write great stories if you give yourself a reward every now and again.

Writers need fuel

We can both fall prey to the Starving Artist syndrome as writers and artists. This means we have to give up food and drink in order to concentrate on our art. Writers need fuel.

Drinking and eating foods that have been proven to improve our writing, art, and storytelling can greatly benefit our creativity. Why not give them a try?

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